Revival of cultural centres in the regions

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The project aims at ensuring proportional and balanced development of arts and culture in Armenia by reviving cultural centres in the regions, providing advanced technology and investing in education and development.


Art and culture can play an important role in improving regions of Armenia, their economy and the quality of life. People living in rural communities and small towns need the same access to art and culture as urban areas. However, the current situation in regions and settlements outside Yerevan is the following:

  • Weak cultural infrastructure: outdated cultural institutions (art schools, “Cultural houses”, museums etc.) with worn-out facilities and equipment, and human resources in need of training;

  • Underdeveloped cultural life: lack of diversity and opportunities for creative expression; little or no community engagement;

  • Underdeveloped regions and continuous emigration to Yerevan or abroad. Youth suffers from passive community life and lack of meaningful leisure.

The goal of the project is to contribute to comprehensive community development in Armenian regional towns and villages by turning current outdated cultural institutions into active community centers with three main functions in their communities:

1. Serve as a community cultural house,

2. Host events for cultural education,

2. Promote advancement of creative industries.

Project Activities

The interventions will be conducted in two directions:

“Hardware”-Enhancing the technical capacity of cultural institutions:

  • renovation of available cultural facilities and its enrichment with technical capacities/spaces to enable them to host various cultural events (movie screenings, concerts, performances, exhibitions etc.);

  • creating “Youth Cultural Hubs” within existing cultural institutions, which will serve as a platform/space for local youth to share ideas, design and implement community projects.

“Software”- human resource capacity enhancement:

  • Training/coaching cultural center’s current staff and recruited volunteers (on the topics of event management, PR and communications, using volunteer capacity, fundraising etc.);

  • Developing a year-long Calendar of Events and Communication Strategy for each institution participating in the project;

  • Create art and culture network of regional institutions and other successful prominent entities and groups of Armenia (based in Yerevan and Diaspora).

Expected Outcome/Impact

  • More vibrant regional communities with active community and cultural life;

  • Active and engaged youth with more opportunities for creative expression and ability to bring change into their communities;

  • Accessibility and proportional development of culture and art in the regions of Armenia (one of the main priorities of the Government's cultural policy);

  • Development of local economy, tourism and hospitality industry in the regions due to active work of renovated cultural centers;

  • Decreased emigration from regions, especially among youth;

  • Strengthening of civil society in the regions;

  • Enrichment and development of art and culture in the country overall.