Friends of Armenian Classical Music Initiative

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date piker 01 November, 2018
My Step Foundation has initiated a group of Friends of Armenian Classical Music to sustain the best traditions of Armenian classical music and foster its further growth.

The project is aimed at developing classical music in Armenia through the introduction of sustainability models, including a unified online platform, marketing and branding capacities. Introduction of sustainability models involves revisiting and modernizing the branding, marketing and ticket sales strategies. Creating a sustainability model will lead to the promotion of academic art in the country and the positioning Armenia as a destination for cultural tourism.


Classical music is one of the hallmark directions of culture in Armenia with well-established traditions of classical academic music. Classical music organizations receive limited funding from the state budget. However, in order to maintain their stable functioning and further development, significant increase in financial support is required to prevent the outflow of talented musicians, attract new professionals and, most importantly, develop and implement new programs.

The short-term goal of the project is to provide temporary solution to ensure the maintenance of main academic music groups through the Friends of Armenian Classical Music initiative.

The long-term goal is to provide sustainable solution by introducing development strategies for the classical music industry to become self-sufficient, competitive and flourishing.

Project Beneficiaries

  • Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Armenian National Academic Choir
  • Armenian State Symphony Orchestra
  • National Chamber Choir of Armenia
  • National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia
  • Komitas National Quartet
  • "Hover" State Chamber Choir
  • “Yerevan Perspectives” International Music Festival

Project Activities

  • Conduct analysis of the market, available and potential resources, gaps, strengths and weaknesses of each organization.

  • Create a unified electronic platform for local and international audience. It will a) host a unified yearly calendar of events, b) allow buying tickets electronically and c) serve as a fundraising platform for making donations to the development of Armenian classical music.

  • Prepare development strategic plans for institutions with new branding, marketing, ticket policies and revenue producing ideas.

Expected Outcome/Impact

  • Increased private funding and sustainability mechanisms in the field of classical music.

  • Fostering of cultural tourism in Armenia.

  • Enhance Armenia's international reputation as a country of advanced classical music.

  • Promoting Armenian performing arts on international platforms.



date piker 10 July, 2019
My Step Foundation supports long term development of classical music in Armenia
Understanding the significance of classical music ensembles foundation and opens new prospects for development in Armenia.
date piker 13 June, 2019
Legendary Amadinda Percussion Group to perform in Armenia
Legendary Amadinda Percussion Group will perform an exclusive concert in Armenia on the sidelines of the 20th jubilee edition of the Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival.
date piker 29 May, 2019
Students from Khachpar Secondary School Attended “Parker” Quartet’s Concert
Yesterday, in the framework of the initiative by “My Step” Foundation of making Yerevan’s cultural life accessible for children living in regions of Armenia, a group of students from Khachpar secondary school (Ararat province) was in Yerevan to attend the third concert of “Yerevan Perspectives” International Music Festival. The community council of Khachpar supported the initiative by providing transportation.