Our mission is to champion a healthy, educated and inclusive society where everyone has an equal opportunity to discover and unleash his or her full potential. Our vision is to create an environment where each citizen assumes responsibility for personal growth and well-being of the society.

Focus on projects and undertakings with a long-term social impact is the guiding milestone to realize our mission.

Operational model

  1. Bridge great ideas with funds and implementation capacity.

  2. Fund existing projects that meet the goals and standards adopted by the Foundation.

  3. Develop and implement its own flagship projects.



Goal 1. develop human capital that responds to the needs and challenges of Armenia’s sustainable growth;

Goal 2. eradicate extreme poverty in Armenia;

Goal 3. develop remote and marginalized communities in Armenia;

Goal 4.address challenges for children in difficult life circumstances;

Goal 5. address demographic challenges;

Goal 6. improve public health;

Goal 7. inclusion of neglected social groups;

Goal 8. promote environmentally friendly behavior and care for the nature;

Goal 9. encourage the culture of volunteerism.




1. Dignity

All beneficiaries are treated impartially with respect and care.

2. Accountability 

We are accountable to our donors and beneficiaries to ensure that the donated funds are used efficiently and to the purpose.

3. Partnerships

To achieve our goals, we are open to partnering with everyone without any discrimination.

4. Transparency

We are guided by the principle of transparency by presenting regular and detailed reports about our activities.

5. Equal Opportunities

Every individual and organization has an equal opportunity to become a beneficiary of the Foundation.